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O Zhang


O Zhang was born and raised in Guangzhou, China. She attended special art academies during her early schooling and was one of only nine students throughout China to be accepted into the Murals Department of the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, the Chinese capital. O Zhang graduated at the top of her class, having studied Chinese and Western traditional painting, sculpture, installations, photography and many peripheral art forms such as ceramics, dramatic writing and even acting. Her association with Syllavethy Gallery began even before the gallery was a concept. It was her father, Zhang Dakin, who introduced the Gassaways to Chen Yan Ning, for whom the gallery was initially created. Through contacts the Gassaways had in Italy, extremely generous sponsors were found, who agreed to help further her fine art education in London.

In 2002 O graduated from Byam Shaw School of Fine Art (London) and commenced a two year course in video and photography at the prestigious Royal College of Art, accepted to be one of, if not THE best art academy in the world.. She has had her unusual photos in China's most prestigious Art Photography magazine, and had her drawings published alongside of some of China's finest artists. She has exhibited her work in Guangzhou and Beijing in China, California and Massachusetts in the USA, and Aberdeen and London, here in Britain.

By way of explanation, O Zhang takes photos of her own paintings, of Master paintings, or ancient Chinese ink paintings (often erotic), projects these images on her model, and then photographs the model decorated by these images. As you can see above, the curves or the model's body often reflect the shapes in the paintings.

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